Sunday, May 29, 2005

iPodlounger creates iPod coffee table

Ashley Burrows iPod coffee table Posted by Hello

Larry Angell writes about iPodlounger Ashley Burrows and how he recently finished his iPod inspired “iTable.” It was a project for his A-level Design Technology course and it took months to complete.

“Basically, I started with a square frame built out of pine (this made the sides) and then glued a piece of MDF on the top,” Burrows said. “This gave me a five-sided cube kinda thing. To curve the edges I used a hand plane (yeah, it did take about 30 hours to do the curves) and a shaped block covered in sandpaper.”

This appeals to the woodworker in me! Given the proper power tools, I estimate it would 3 full weekends (under the chagrin of my spouse) to complete. The only design change I would make it to have a flat screen installed and also add a music component with speakers - this is where a MacMini would make a great fit! But then I would be extremely unhappy when I spilt coffee on it... grrr.

Think of it - one hundred thousand songs? And a stand up version can be created as well - an iPod jukebox. Which would be easier to create with a cheap flat screen monitor and tower PC. Add another couple of weeks to spec out the retrofitting and redesign to accomodate the scale of the monitor... hmm I feel a project coming on... Hey Becky, how would you REALLY FEEL if I...

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