Sunday, March 20, 2005

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For 5 years, I was involved with Promise Keepers, a Christian men's ministry (that warrants a separate post, as I dearly love the ministry, the resulting changed lives and impact on my life).

One of the byproducts of working with the ministry was coordinating arena and stadium events across the country. Being a huge NFL and sports fan, I was privy to be part of helping to plan events in major sports facilities - and scoping out the logistics of where everything goes. I have come to appreciate architecture and how stadiums and arenas are designed.

One of my favorite architectural firms is HOK Sport + Venue + Event - their clients include 24 of 30 Major League Baseball franchises, 30 of 32 NFL franchises, 75 professional and civic arena clients, 40 soccer and rugby teams, and 75 colleges and universities.

Some of the my favorite stadiums that I have set foot in with Promise Keepers include Bank One Ballpark, the RCA Dome, Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, TN, the Georgia Dome, Edward Jones Stadium, The Coliseum in Nashville (with the Billy Graham Crusade) and oh my gosh, while exactly not my favorite, but a most memorable experience nonetheless, the Lousiana SuperDome with all the catacombs and serious walking from point A to B. My legs ache still thinking about that place 10 years later.

My favorite arena hands down is the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, TN a magnificent facility built for sound and the NHL Predators with great people working there as well.

My son Gary and I are on a life mission to see a NFL game in every city. As a friendly tip, never, ever go to a Cleveland Browns game in December! We went one year to see the Tennessee Titans vs. the Browns in their new stadium and froze in minus 40 wind chill with snow to boot from the lake!

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mcgibfried said...

i went to a promise keepers event once... because i was asked to be there... and i have never seen so many grown men crying like women in my life!
very scary group...