Friday, October 31, 2008

Best. Halloween. Ever.

I'm telling you I had the best Halloween ever today!
I work with the best bunch of fun professionals and we had a blast working today. And yes, it was productive cause while I was dressed as a lost tourist (looking for the Nissan Bldg.), I did some Google audits and plowed into a 100 slide PowerPoint. (Don't ask why)...

And I got to meet Ms. Palin at the office!

lost tourist with Beth / Palin

Later, Mrs. WonderDawg and I had the old folks/neighbors over to pass out candy. It's better than hiding out in the back of the house with the porch lights off. We had dinner and had them pass out candy to the neighborhood kids.

The catch was everyone had to wear a prearranged costume upon arrival!

Here's Rasta Frank who had plenty of free hugs to pass out tonite:

Becky and Rasta Mon' Frank

(Mrs. WonderDawg is on the left)

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