Monday, February 04, 2008

Post Football Blues

When I stepped out of the office at 5-ish pm today, there was still light outside. Seeing remnants of daylight late in the afternoon definitely lifted my spirits, as the days will get longer and spring fever is just around the corner. With sunlight depravation in a closed office environment and no more NFL football, historically, the next few weeks has always been a challenge. Basketball and baseball has never held my interest.

It’s during these times when I start planning all of the outdoor activities that the spring season ushers in. A vegetable garden, carpentry projects, lawn maintenance, more outdoor photography, sunlight, no more heavy coats… I can’t wait.

Despite the fact that the Dallas Cowboys didn’t participate in the Super Bowl 42, it was nonetheless a great second half of football at its best. I about blew a gasket when my brand new DirecTV HD DVR failed on Sunday. I called tech support, and I was only getting ½ of the satellite signal on the other sets and no picture on the main HD TV setup.

After replacing the supplied defective cables with a HDMI cable, (I love having a Best Buy across the street from me) I was back in business to watch Tom Petty and the rest of the game in HD. Surely I wasn’t going to let technology get the best of me, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. DirecTV, you almost let me down and sent me in a deep funk!

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