Tuesday, February 26, 2008

busy busy busy!

I was counting on the photo a day project to keep me engaged on this blog! But life gets busy, busy, busy thinking about all the stuff one must do to work, think, play and live out the things that are important to me like family and keeping the finances in order.

I've been writing a bit everyday over at GearDiary.com with the month long giveaway contest of cool gadgets... Got a lot of photos to post, but haven't done so yet... and I'm in California right now for some Search Engine Marketing mind impartation for my day job. Great to be back in San Jose from my old Palm handheld days; hopefully I can carve out some photo shots - the biggest concern I have now is waiting on my luggage to arrive.

Note to myself: learn how to pack light for carry on.

Before I forget, I need to give a big shout out to United Airlines - with the storms and bad weather in Chicago and Denver, my trip was rerouted all day. I was booked to be in San Jose via Nashville to Chicago to Denver. Later, that got changed to Nashville to Denver. After Denver got crappy with weather, I changed the flight to Nashville to Washington, DC to San Jose non stop. Unfortunately the luggage from the first booking was not as flexible.

I recall a post by Guy Kawasaki about the art of "sucking down" - basically never threaten the customer service person. Be nice and you too, can get a nonstop flight on a exit row. Of course booking the flight nonstop via Southwest would have been awesome to begin with, however I remember being stranded in Chicago before, so it's a blessing that I'm typing this at 3 am CST.

Sure hope my luggage shows up!

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