Saturday, December 08, 2007

My First YouTube Video!

YouTube has been an amazing resource of music clips, crazy insane clips and general mayhem. As a WonderDawg, I've always wondered how consuming it must be to drag out the camcorder, make a video, edit the clip and upload it to YouTube.

Apparently it's easier than making mashed potatoes!

I recently reviewed a USB Drumming Santa Claus at GearDiary as part of the writing and review team. (I simply love all of my GearDiary friends scattered all over the world talking about our favorite gadgets and gear...). Anyhoo, photos would never fully capture the essence of Santa playing on his drums. So, I made my first YouTube video:



Sharon Cobb said...

You're such a geek.
G-d love you.
Never change. :)

Kerry Woo said...

sharon, you are so kind - blessings!

Squirrel Queen said...

WooHoo to Youtube.
Can't wait to see how your eye translates to video in the future.

Blogger said...
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