Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Unleashed: Titans Tix for Sale

After camping out since Wednesday night - 61 hours - plus the long trek from East Tennessee, David and Judith with son Cory and daughter Courtney snagged the first single game Titans tickets that went on sale at 10:00 am.

The happy family was congratulated by Don MacLachlan, executive vice president of administration and facilities for the Titans.

Competing against the online world of Ticketmaster, the LP Field ticket office flung open six windows. Considering the line was only thirty two deep, the odds were working in favor of those in line in the 90 degree heat.

Here's John feeling the morning heat with only 2 minutes to go... after 59 hours.

The local news networks were out as well to capture the moment - WSMV, WTVF and Fox; WKRN was missing although Mitch Mitchell was out filming Friday.

Best response to the PacMan Jones drama: "It's not about one person; I'm here to support the team... and be here on game day to root for the Titans!"

With six windows opened, everyone I talked to got the game tickets they were looking for, with one person picking up four preseason tickets for Green Bay to see Brett Favre. A true cheesehead indeed.

Here's Judith and Courtney, the very first ones to exit the window and husband David talking to NewsChannelFive.

I saw a couple leave highly upset because the rule was only one person per window; apparently their ticket selection game plan wasn't in place. She was going home to get online after being spending all that time in line. Good luck with that!

As for me, I wa photographing the end of the line when I though why not step up to the window?

At 10:15 am, I picked up tickets to the Carolina Panthers and San Diego Chargers games.

Photo blogging has been very good for me!

More photos at my Flickr set

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