Friday, June 15, 2007

Thursday Night is Alright...

I wish I had a flying vehicle to jet me around Thursday night as I motored from West Nashville to Cool Springs to the Flying Saucer downtown.

I've been part of a great team working hard to finalize all of the logistics to host the upcoming Promise Keepers Men's Conference at the GEC (sorry, Sommet Center) July 20 -21. Lots of details and planning with the 700 or so volunteers from retail, registration, ushers, security... to host 14,500 men that weekend. But it's all been worth it to see the positive impact Promise Keepers has had for the last seventeen years on families. I know, as I'm a direct receipient. Very honored to be lock arms with the local leadership team giving of their time.

I've set up a Promise Keepers local blog which is a very effective tool to keep to keep all the volunteers and leaders up to date, in the loop and honoring their time.


Speaking of honor, a slice of the local blogging community came out to celebrate Brittney Gilbert at the Flying Saucer for "all her efforts on behalf of Nashville is Talking for the past two-plus years."

Thanks Brittney for engaging us to have a voice via weblogs and build a community. We've come too far to see Nashville Is Talking grow with the richness of relationships not to be silenced.


It's impossible to take good pictures in the dark, even with a flash!
I was able to carve out seven shots - posted at Flickr

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Summer said...

One of these days I hope to be in town for one of these little gatherings...