Sunday, May 13, 2007

Time flies when I'm old

I haven't posted an entry since my birthday Tuesday; I'm wanting time to slow down! NOT speed up!

When i'm on the keyboard so much at work, home on this blog and the others I contribute to and writing reviews, I'm all tapped out. My fingers can't take no mo.

I've had ASL sign language interpreters and court reporter friends tell me they don't like shaking hands - they are all worn out from the fingering.

I may need to try Dragon Speak and let my words do the typing -

I may be overdosing on too much technology and social networking.

For example:

Opened up a MySpace account for work / research purposes and talk about a butt ugly site & interface. Too much billboard clutter!

Twitter is cool, but I can't keep up with the chatter; at times it's like monitering a police scanner. Lots of conversation going and too many trains of thought to filter. But it's a cool way to keep up with breaking news or someone's trip real time.

Lately using SMS messaging is my form of communication. Perfect when I just need a Yes or No answer.

I'm not even close to using 1400 minutes of talk time - loving Cingular for rollover minutes.

Got a new Samsung Blackjack phone on the way; might be time to phase out the Palm operating system.

Keeping up with eight email accounts only works using the Getting Things Done methadalogy - two minutes or less to respond; delegate or turn into a project.

Speaking of email, I believe that some people think that email is nothing more than a forwarding technology for jokes, inspirational poems and videos. I have a friend that will not let up; with twenty plus emails flowing through any given week, I just mark them all as spam and delete them. Since my wife is on the same list, I let her tell me which ones are worth watching. 3%.

Got a ton of photos to upload, but lately I'm all Flickr (ed) out.

And last, correcting a friend's training PowerPoint presentation - 30.2 mg !

Two resources:
bad PowerPoint
Vacationing pastor lets PowerPoint lead service

But I still love my Mac.

Sleep might be good for my next phase of life - I'm finding out that four hours each night is no longer sustainable.

Goodnight and a big shout out to Mothers and Mommas everywhere!


Lynnster said...

I'm with you on MySpace, Dr. Woo. I enjoy using it when I can find time for it (due to all the available music stuff), but the MySpace system itself and format is about the clunkiest, buggiest ever.

My favorite site for layouts appears to have moved but here's another one where you can find some kinda cool layouts to dress up your MySpace:

Hang in there and good to see you in the blogosphere today! :)

Anonymous said...

Sup Kerry, I have a blackjack as well and loving it. Bought a 2mg sd card and loaded all the music that I have (I know I am lame for only having 2 mg of music)

Anyway, it is very cool and IMO is the best smartphone on the market