Saturday, May 05, 2007

We don't care about the young folks...

I always discover music in the most wonderful ways... I can be standing in a check out line at Target or American Eagle and hear a catchy song over the intercom or while on hold on a phone.

Tonight, I was at BestBuy and heard a song piped out of the car audio speakers - the only lyrics I could catch was "young folks" with a distinctive hook - thanks to iTunes, here's what I found!

I'm loving me some good pop music and my latest purchase from iTunes. Awesome!

Peter, Bjorn & John - "Young Folks" (featuring Victoria Bergsman)

and we don't care about the young folks
talkin' bout the young style
and we don't care about the old folks
talkin' 'bout the old style too
and we don't care about our own folks
talkin' 'bout our own stuff
all we care about is talking
talking only me and you

and knowing that you're probably tapping your feet, let's keep it going with dawn Landes - Young Folks (bluegrass style)

Peter, Bjorn & John web site.

dawn Landes web site.


Ian said...

if i were the first band, i would never play this tune again... dawn Landes certainly showed them how to play a song

Anonymous said...

yeah, but the first one is much more playable on partys! and thats whats it meant for in my opinion;)

Anonymous said...

Ian sounds like one of these musical elitists who try to educate everyone about the virtues of dedicated old time musicianship, thinking originality only occurs when a jug band assembles.

Jazz elitists also suffer from this disease. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing
in proper jazz form bla bla shut up

The original is ORIGINAL, is charming and has a futuristic air.

Landes version? Been there done that. YAWN