Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New Work, New Woo

I'm going to ask if I can post a blurb to all where I'm working now here on this blog - many, many of you have been very gracious and supportive during my transition and just know I that am deeply grateful for your support and kindness.

Off to downtown I must go!

I do like being in close proximity to the Frist Museum - for a visual person like me, it's like strolling through the park on my lunch hour....

Any downtown Nashville workers up for a potential lunch?


Michael said...

Always up for a potential lunch, sir!

Ginger said...

Hey! I'm a block from the Frist! We need to twalk! :)

Summer said...

Frist? Downtown? Tell us, tell us, tell us!!! ;-)

(and congrats!!!)