Thursday, May 17, 2007

Jim 'N Nicks... 'N the other guy

After a day of reviewing and writing legal language, I needed to dezone from lawyer talk by visiting the Green Hills library and later settling down with some take out beef brisket, Brunswick Stew and sweet tea from Jim 'N Nicks BBQ restaurant just down the street from the abode in West Nashville.

I was curious to find out how fast the drive-thru would move as normally the service inside takes 10 to 20 minutes from the previous times I've been there. No sooner than I drove up to the menu board, the speaker box was ready to take my order. $21.85 for a Beef Brisket platter with two sides, 2 orders of Brunswick Stew and a big cup of sweet tea (with crunched ice!) would be a nice change of dinner fare from our routine of salads and pasta since it was nearly 7:15 pm and too late to cook up anything at home.

So I'm settling down at the dinner table and "O crap - they forgot the sides!"

So I pick up the phone resigned to the fact that it could be a case of (a) tough luck, (b) drive back, or (c) next time I'm in, speak to the manager and he'll work out something. Preprogramed responses from a history of oops - that stinks for you - customer service.

To my surprise, the voice on the phone (on the first ring) apologized and ask if I could hold to speak to the manager Eric. Eric jumped on the line, and quickly stated, "We need to make this right... where do you live? We can run it by your house - I just need your address and zip code so that I can MapQuest the address."


"For an order of fries and apples?"

"Sure! We need to make this right!"


Ten minutes later, Taylor (with his permission to be photographed) brings the missing side items and more!


This is amazing customer service. Turns out Eric the manager at Jim 'N Nicks is Eric the owner. Now I know why I always get stellar service and food - everything rises and falls on leadership.

Next time I go back to eat at Jim 'N Nicks, not only will I tell everybody about my experience, but I will always think of the restaurant as Jim, Eric 'N Nicks like Manny, Moe and Jack - the Pep Boys.

Jim 'N Nicks
7004 Charlotte Pike | Nashville, TN | 37209
Phone: (615) 352-5777