Thursday, April 12, 2007

Paying Homage to the Man of Steel

My neighbor just dropped a bug in my ear about visiting Metropolis for the day...

Heck yeah!

"Frank, you know that I gotta take a hundred pictures?"

"No problem..."

Photo credit: Tom Weber for NPR

Superman Returns will bring fresh attention to the fictional city of Metropolis -- and its real counterpart, a small burg in southern Illinois.

In the comics and movies, Metropolis is a city that never sleeps. But as Tom Weber of member station KWMU reports, the Ohio River town of the same name is really more like Smallville, the drowsy Kansas town where Superman grew up.

As drivers on I-24 approach the Illinois-Kentucky border at the river, a sign beckons them to exit and visit the giant Superman statue.

LINK to NPR story

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