Saturday, April 28, 2007

Passion: Hope for the Hokies

Via an email from Passion | 268 Generation:

A new Passion Podcast-hosted by Louie Giglio and featuring songs from Passion and sixsteprecords-is available at iTunes today. In light of the events at Virginia Tech, the Passion communiy worldwide wants to continue to pray for the entire VT family, and especially those who have lost loved ones in this tragic event. Our hearts are with you all, and even after the news dies down and the world moves on we will not forget you.

As a show of support for Virginia Tech, and as a statement to the world that because of Jesus light can shine in darkness and life can come from death, we are asking every single person on Facebook to change their profile pic to a VT logo for AT LEAST ONE DAY on Monday, April 30. For more information, join the Facebook group "Facebook United For Hope" and help us spread the word.

In addition to the latest podcast, an EP from Passion is available free at to anyone around the world seeking encouragement in these days.

Please don't stop praying for VT and don't stop believing that we can make a difference on the campuses and the world.

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Sharon Cobb said...

Me thinks you don't read me blog.
I was at the memorial concert at the Ryman and the only independent journalist (I am aware of) who taped the event with John Edwards, Del McCoury, Rodney Crowell, Vince Gill, Chely Wright, Ashley Judd and others.
I posted the full show on my site and it is on YouTube through next week, when I am taking it off to donate to VT for them to sell for scholarships in the name of those murdered.
It's all hand held, as I thought I was going to just tape John Edwards, then all these artists showed up to perform. So it's shaky, but still very enjoyable.
I had to compress it a lot to get it on YouTube, so it's out of sync on there, but the DVD looks and sounds crisp and clear.
I hope Virginia Tech will sell a lot of them and raise money for the scholarships they're starting in the names of those killed.