Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Random Ten Vol 3

Taking a cue from one of my favorite bloggers and all around fine human being, I've got a Friday Random Ten - Volume 3 edition going here.

This list was previously made up from stuff I just happen to listen to at this moment on my Mac; or a few songs from eMusic, podcasts or new/old songs that were ripped from from newly acquired CDs.

This time I just used the Party Shuffle / randomness via iTunes.

1) Open Arms - Journey

2) Don't Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds) - The Cardigans from Super Extra Gravity

3) Jump in the Line - Trinidad Steel Drum Band from Caribbean Island Steel Drum Favorites

4) Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin from Led Zeppelin III

5) I Want You To Be Mine - Kayak Starlight Dancer

6) Maybe I'm Amazed - Joe Cocker Heart & Soul

7) Braveheart Theme - Enya Blues

8) Dancing In The Dark - Bruce Springsteen

9) Give me one reason (live unplugged) - Tracy Chapman & Eric Clapton

10) The Golden Path - The Chemical Brothers from Singles 93 - 03

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