Saturday, April 21, 2007

Been There, But Haven't Done That

Last night at a cookout, I was hanging out with some guys talking about what guys normally talk about - sports! (How about them Preds?)

Part of the discussion centered around stadiums as I and Gary (my son) are on a life quest to visit every NFL stadium. Once, we visited Cleveland to see a Browns/Titans game - to cut to the chase, we sat in a minus 40 degree wind chill complete with snow.... never again.

I've been to Neyland stadium, but never seen a UT game - at the time, i helped coordinate a Promise Keepers mens conference with 33,000 guys in the drizzle. Somewhere I have video tape and photos of Peyton's uniform when we were conducting a site visit.

I've been to Vandy's Memorial Gym several times for concerts when I worked for Warner Records back in the day with U2, The Pretenders, a smoked filled evening with Bob Marley & The Wailers and many others, but never to a basketball game.

So for my flashback of Memorial Gym which I am assuming it's the same as it ever was...

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