Monday, March 12, 2007

When dreams are too bizarre...

Ever wake up from a bad dream or rather a dream so bizarre that you just want to wake up just to change the REM channels?

I did... twice.

My first dream was an entertainment director at the homeless shelter. There I was, all dressed up like a high school Phys Ed teacher, trying to pump up a lot of homeless guys with jumping jacks, hoops, running a few laps around the gym... I quit that job, sat up in bed to assess my options at 4 am. Too early for coffee, and too dark to stay awake to see the sunrise.

The second dream was working at a Cajun restaurant here in town. As soon as I saw him hoist a dog on the grill (which was not heated), I freaked out when he handed me a big plastic spatula. I rescued the dog and ran out of the restaurant, with him yelling "What's your problem !!!"

That's when I woke up and and said enough of this nonsense.

I'm facing the real world.

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