Thursday, March 22, 2007

Road Trip!

I get pretty jacked up when I have this brain desire or a itch that needs to be scratched only to find by accident that someone has already blazed the way.

I'm talking about chasing sunsets (or at least a photo op or hey! a refrigerator magnet) in every state. My plan was as soon as I got a new Honda Element off I go! I've researched how to see an NFL game in every city, heard of people taking an entire summer off to visit baseball stadiums and have contemplated making a UHaul trip from Nashville to Seattle once my son Gary & Nora are married.

BUT, 50 States in a Week's Vacation sounds feasible.


Summer said...

Lunch is on us when you come through Texas!!!

West Nashville Gringo said...

Why do you keep thinking so domestically? See the world brother! South America awaits you.