Friday, March 02, 2007

Project 365 & Photography

I'm having a blast doing the Project 365 photo journaling, but somewhere I got off track by a day, so I'll have to do some minor adjusting and toss in a photo to keep my photos accurate for that particular day. It's not like I'm backdating for some stock options...

Nonetheless, I'm getting inspired by some good photos over at Flickr tagged project365 by others participating.

Tonight I was trying to get a good picture of the moon, but I'm running into my Kodak EasyShare Z730 limitations (no longer available). The 5.0 mega pixels and 4x optical zoom was the best value two years ago for the price.

Of course, shooting in darkness doesn't help, but I'm ready for a camera that does closeups (and moon shots) and photographs well in meeting rooms without a heavy use of flash.

I need to have someone coach me on aperture, depth of field settings and such... my old film camera worked well automatically, but the cost of processing two prints and a CD from a single 24 exposure APS roll was getting pricy at $25.00 a pop.

Today, I see Judie Hughes' unboxing-the-canon-digital-rebel-xti-400d over at the GearDiary site (that I write at) and I mentioned in the comments, "Jeez! I’m becoming like a modern day Pavlov’s Dog, drooling every time I see a unboxing and then going to Amazon.

Must. Get. Help."

Camera goes on the list for Christmas 2007!

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Alsicole said...

Hey Kerry

You need to talk to John - he's totally 'the man' when it comes to all things photographic!