Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Potty Tech

Back during the Y2K craze or the biggest con ever perpetuated in the history of humanity, as I like to remember that loss of insanity time, it was permissible to drink pee pee water ???

So this new techno thing to wash your hands is... I don't know what to say!

I still get weirded out seeing guys bring their beers into the bathroom, sitting it on top of the urinal, doing the biz and walking out without washing their hands. Heck, I'm getting so anal (or penile) about the lack of personal hygiene that I just might go to the no washy, no shakee rule.

Count it as a personal affirmation of your hygiene if I shake your hand; otherwise I just may implement a tap on the upper arm as my new handshake to just be nice to everybody. But I will call you out if no washy. 'Cause I can't enjoy my lunch.

FlushTip: Creeps Vincent at SlashGear out...

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