Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Rainbow/Dark Side of Oz

NOTE: I got a eMail this morning courtesy of my good friend and music aficionado Sharon Cobb as a perfect followup to the previous post. Thanks!

This DVD was created as evidence that Pink Floyd's 1973 release of "Darkside Of The Moon" and the 1939 release of "The Wizard of Oz" have some kind of a connection.

This connection is the fact that you can watch "The Wizard of Oz" and listen to "Darkside Of The Moon" and notice that they are synchronized. What I mean by this is that if the Album begins at the MGM Lion logo screen you will notice that the music matches perfectly with the things that are going on in the movie. Beats and guitars match almost every movement of the characters in some parts. Music shifts to different moods while the movie follows along perfectly.

(to do this with basic equipment is very difficult, and takes hours upon hours of correctly positioning the start of the album. That's why it has been done for you).

As soon as something exciting or dramatic happens to the characters, the music's mood shifts to match the scene so perfectly that it's almost scary.

You will also notice the lyrical matches. The lyrics of "Darkside Of The Moon" play the most important part of this whole connection. A lot of the lyrics actually seem to cue the characters to make actions in most parts. For example: the lyric "leave, but don't leave me" is sung just as Auntie Em motions to Dorothy to go away because she is busy. As Dorothy is leaving, the lyric "look around" is sung just before Dorothy looks back at Auntie Em. Sometimes the lyrics narrate the storyline of the "Wizard of Oz". The movie really begins to move when "Money" starts, The cash register sounds start up as soon as you see Dorothy in colour for the first time. The sounds represent the money spent on the Technicolor technology. Dorothy starts walking as the music to "Money" kicks in. As crazy as it may seem, it's almost as if Pink Floyd wrote and composed this album to go along with the "Wizard of Oz".

The most popular asked question to this DVD is, "is such and such a song on it"?.

The simple answer to this is, the entire "Darkside Album" Is on here 3 times! Your favourite songs feature and you will view them in a completely new and wierd way.

My favourite is During "great gig in the sky" Dorothy's house is sucked up into a violent tornado spinning her dizzy until it gently passes and she wakes up in her new technicolour world!.

So sit back, grab a beer and a smoke, and prepare to blown away into a psychedelic wonder land accompanied by the greatest ever rock band to grace the planet.

If interested in this DVD with High Quality glossy artwork and a Printed DVD (NOT a stuck on label) email me at for more information on how to obtain this DVD.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Absolutely incredible!

West Nashville Gringo said...

Who has time to think up stuff like this?

BTW, Roger Waters is performing here in Brazil this weekend. Tickets are more than what an average Brazilian makes in a month.

Rachel said...

Well, if you have Dark Side of the Moon on CD, I think you just press play when the MGM lion roars for the 3rd time...

Lynnster said...

I've watched it before like that and it is pretty cool to watch. And it's not that hard to get it in sync yourself. I think Rachel's right, I think it's starting it at the third roar of the lion. I was maybe a second or two off but it was pretty well synced and fun to watch.