Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm so grateful...

I so far behind on my days with this photo a day thing - some days it feels like a Monday or a Friday afternoon - that's when the devil makes his round to screw up peoples' weekends.

This day job hunt is tedious and lots of work - but I've gotta keep pushing on until I get a yes or no - maybes' are a killer.

Thankfully, a lot of friends are putting their hands to the plow for me - I'm so grateful... but yet starting to feel extremely tired... and tired of it.

Which just blows my mind when I saw this sticker today...

My spirit needs to be healed and made whole, so I can be prosperous to whatever I put my hands to.

And for others as well... you know who you are !

1 comment:

Newscoma said...

You will find it.
Like I will.
Sending peace to you because I know this must be weird and scary,
much love,
T. aka newscoma