Friday, March 09, 2007

Daylight Savings Freakout Time

I suppose that history, like randomness and urban ledgends cycle around every seven years.


Daylight Savings Freakout Time.

Now that Congress has mandated Daylight Saving Time to be extended one month beginning for most of the United States at 2am on the Second Sunday in March to 2am on the First Sunday of November, some of the media in cahoots with the Chicken Littles in the IT world are wringing their hands over DST coming early.

Talking to an IT guy yesterday, Y2K (the biggest con ever perpetuated in the history of mankind) provided many folks with IT jobs. Now IT guy are picking up some extra OT spending money just by fixing some time changes and watching out for software bugs.

People are people. Some will forget to set their clocks; and just like every year, show up early / late for church, work or some appointment, or miss a airline flight... Lets' blame it on the Energy Act that President Bush signed back in 2005. George just can't catch a break.

At least with this "mini Y2K" it pushes Anna Nicole Smith off the news page, so that's a big plus!

Just before I go to bed on Saturday, I'll roam around the house and update all my clocks, PCs, servers and other gadgets... come Monday afternoon, I won't be (nor anyone else) will be complaining about the extra daylight.

No Daylight Savings Freaking Outing Time going on around here.

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Malia said...

Well, I'll still be complaining about it just because I think the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous! It should be DST or Standard Time all year, pick one, stick with it and stop the madness of switching twice a year!