Friday, February 02, 2007

WiFi while you wait

This morning I was camping out at one of the Baptist Medical Center waiting rooms while Mrs. WonderDawg was getting some bizness taken care of - 'num saying?

Typical of most waiting rooms are sick folks and their ride home sitting for extended periods staring straight ahead in space, while reading some tired magazines on well worn seats.

My anticipated wait time was going to be two hours, so I packed up the laptop gear to wait out the examination. Well, surprise, surprise!

The waiting room offered free wifi! So while Mrs. WonderDawg was processing her paperwork, I headed for the nearest electrical outlet, rearranged some chairs to accomodate the weight of my tush, and proceeded to surf away and do a little work.

The two hours went by quickly - I didn't see any free coffee, but I really appreciated the free wi fi. Well, I'm assuming it's free - I'm sure it's hidden in the bill somewhere!

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