Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Geocaching 101

Any local Nashville folks out there (sound of crickets in total darkness) familiar with geocaching?

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game for gps users. Participating in a cache hunt is a good way to take advantage of the wonderful features and capability of a gps unit. The basic idea is to have individuals and organizations set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. Once found, a cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards. All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something they should try to leave something for the cache.

I got a Solar Bluetooth GPS Receiver and want to muck around with it, but not sure where to go to obtain maps, pair it with a Bluetooth device like a Palm LifeDrive or Treo 650 without getting deep in the weeds while learning about geocaching.

Any takers for a brief tutoring? Perhaps best done over BBQ?

Leave a note in the comments or drop me an email at:

wonderdawg at gmail dot com



ceeelcee said...

I'm your man! Over 100+ caches found in 10 states. As a matter of fact, I hid one at the Mothership.

Let me know when you want to buy me a vegetable plate. (Groan.)

Kerry Woo said...

Dude, that is impressive!

We'll find out where the best veggie plate resides and meet there.

John said...

I was going to refer you to some friends of mine, but see someone's already offered to teach you.

I happened to be up in Grundy County in January for a special event hosted by a non-profit in which I'm heavily involved. The couple I'm talking about (who live in Nashville) were there, too, and we were all part of a group that hung out together during our free time in the afternoon.

Chris and Amy told us all about geocaching and we ended up finding several caches in Grundy County while on our way to visit some friends. It seemed like a lot of fun.