Saturday, February 10, 2007

English Spoken Here!

Nashville's Metro Council voted to make English the official language; and since I occasionally get these e-mails from Japan ever since I'm no longer worthy to hang around with royalty from Nigeria willing to offer me their goods and services via cashier's checks...


... I have to rely on the goodness of Google to beta translate Japanese to English to understand the following:

The partner of good condition was found in you. This time with the search result it can receive the generous treatment below especially.

It can select whether or not the woman, the man, with desire of each one, you receive approach to the woman in the man who desires secret association.

It is special generous treatment in just the one which is in search condition. To in just the method which receives this there is a preferential right.

We have transferred communication to the partner, to the mail address for your.   It is the time limit attachment, but it is possible directly to receive the mail from the partner.

Because it is free participation type, please receive the invitation of the woman or the man with ease. That you think whether with case of special generous treatment of secret collection, your usual compared to story advances favorably. Then, with please pass the time just two.

>>>>> secret association collection bulletin board support >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the generous treatment guide (No.14870) that you send, the executive office charge, me, we ask the secret association club which has become Miura, and nationwide 11 base may.

I've seen better fortunes in stale cookies from low rent all the fried batter you can eat Chinese buffets that make better sense than this babble...

It's official; I tried to make this site language friendly, but English is officially spoken here.

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