Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Samsung Review @

I am simply amazed at how cell phones have evolved from the "portable" bag phone to today's vast selection of featured laden mobile phones. Built in cameras, music players, text messaging and voice dialing are just some of the options available in mix and match feature laden phones. Add to the mix WiFi and Bluetooth, push email, robust calendar and contact management with Internet access plus a large catalog of third party software makes today's smartphone a compelling reason to leave the laptop at home.

I had the honor of guest reviewing a new Samsung phone over at one of my favorite gadget / tech sites. Julie Strietelmeier is well known in tech circles as editing one of the best gadget sites - in fact The Gadgeteer turns 10 yrs old this year! Bookmark this site and her blog - Julie's Gear Diary if you like practical reviews, especially from a female perspective (there's just a different vibe about smart girls writing about gadgets!)

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