Friday, January 26, 2007

NetFlix - Back in da House

When I was commuting between Nashville and Raleigh, NC for fourteen months, one of the best ways to keep from going insane with loneliness away from my family and being generally nocturnal was to have a heavy dose of NetFlix. Three movies at a time filled the bill. I even remember watching Kill Bill 1 & 2 back to back with the laptop roasting my legs before I settled down to go to bed at 2 am for work in a few hours.

There was a resident movie critic inhouse who always suggested movies for me. Sean was the living embodiment of Recommendations - If You Liked _____ , Then You'll Love... . I got a heavy dose of Quentin Tarantino with Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. The Butterfly Effect and Phone Booth was disturbing. I Am Sam, Dear Frankie. The Killing Fields and The Grapes of Wrath were moving. The Bourne Supremacy and I Robot wired me beyond caffeine's potential.

As you can probably tell from the movies described, I don't get out too much to the movies. And I probably should because of the sheer fact that I even saw A Movie, even ten years later is automatically in my mind, pretty good to begin with. I missed out on the whole Titanic movie fever - I simply commented, "Was that movie based on a true story?"

I've yet to see a Harry Potter movie, and I seen bits of Lord of the Rings. Is BattleStar Galactica a movie or TV series? I seen Star Wars once or was it Star Trek? That's right, they are two different movies. To my credit, I have seen Blazing Saddles, Terminator Two and The Blues Brothers maybe ten times each.

I was an extra in Ernest Scared Stupid as a pizza delivery guy for two seconds.

I even read of someone - I wished I saved the link - blogging about seeing a movie every week at the local theatre house for one year. Now that's ambitious! I did a variation of that about twenty years ago when I canvassed a city selling for the Yellow Pages. We would be holed up in a apartment complex with Aaron's Rents furniture and some of us were lucky enough to drive home for the weekend - in my case, Memphis to Nashville.

I would tape the newpaper's movie listings on the fridge and head down to the local theatre and maybe catch 3 to 5 movies a week. Life on the road was no fun back then. No VHS, laptops, cable... sitting by the pool and talking shop was the alternative. Thus, seeing a movie every week? Ambitious indeed.

After watching at least 90 to maybe 120 movies (my NetFlix rental history only goes back to October of 2004) in North Carolina over a course of fourteen months, lately my rentals have sat dormant for weeks. With football season winding down, I've recently watched Superman Returns, X-Men 3: The Last Stand, United 93, Syriana and Tuesdays with Morrie. Tonight, I just finished Invincible.

I'm not a movie critic by any stretch of the imagination; I'm just thrilled I can set aside some time to enjoy some movie time with Mrs. WonderDawg and the dogs on the couch.


Me said...

How many of those movies would Jesus enjoy?

Kerry Woo said...

Jesus Camp is in the queue.

Are you suggesting that rather being movie critical, I should be movie judgemental?

Me said...

Neither Sir, apparently you did not read the question. I could care less if YOU were either judgemental or critical. My question was simply " How many of these movies YOU said you watched would Jesus enjoy?" Now if you do not know just say so. But if you would please ask some of your Promise Keeper buddies and ask them to see if they know. I am extremely curious to see the answers you and your mates come up with.

Who is Jesus Camp?

Kerry Woo said...

I can answer and account for myself. I just think that if Jesus walked into my house, he would just sit and watch them along with me, probably drawing some analogies and teaching points to share with me. Yeah, Jesus would probably enjoy them all, as he would cherish the time we would spend together. I wouldn't be ashamed... Jesus would chuckle at Superman Returns, be touched by Tuesdays with Morrie and I Am Sam. He'll probably enjoy the craftsmanship and artistry that went into the animated movie Cars, which I'm getting ready to watch.

Yoda said...

Well done Woo....When your scenario happens, please share with us the analogies and teaching points Jesus gleaned from such gem flicks as Resevoir Dogs & Kill Bill......You have passed the test. May the Force be with You!

movie troll said...

"La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid" is not a biblical concept...