Monday, January 15, 2007

iPhone on the Treo? UPDATE

Why wait until June 2007 to get your iPhone? Just download iPhone 0.2 (link here) and start to impress your friends and colleagues today!

Of course it is just for fun (Launcher app) and it is not completly done yet but the way I see it is that I have until June 2007 to finish the application!

Of course it is FREE so enjoy!


Once you download the iPhony, for your Palm Treo 650 or 680, try to get a feel for an iPhone by finger tapping the icons...

I went to the Preferences menu and under "Buttons", I set the Calendar hard button to launch iPhony.

Here's how to map the buttons with the Palm equivalants under "Set Buttons" :

Text: Nexter
Calendar: Calendar-PDat
Photos: Photos-Foto
Camera: Capture_Loader-CpLo
Calc: ScientificCalc
Notes: Memos-PMem
Clock: Clock-PcLK
Settings: Preferences
Phone: Phone
Mail: MultiMail
Web: Blazer
iPod: PocketTunes

Of course, there are variations i.e. you may use a different player for iPod whether it's PocketTunes, MOcean, Busker or RealPlayer...

Later, load up your music on a 2 gig SD card and you'll get a reasonable clone of a iPhone user interface to be certain you can live with a finger only input experience...

And once done, you can enjoy this little clip:

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