Thursday, January 18, 2007

Doin' the Twistaway!

This week, my carcess has been mashed into nothingness on the couch watching thirty hours of TIVO'd television...

Starting with the NFL Playoffs (four games), the 24 season premiere(s) and now American Idol...

After watching Eric Chapman doing his Taylor Hicks spazzy "Soul Patrol! Wooo!!!", I (like Ryan) wanted to hit myself in the face with a shovel.

Don't Get Me Started!... wait... seriously Linda Sharp has the best recap on American Idol

Otherwise, I liked the brother and sister team - Shyamali Malakar singing "Summertime" and Sanjaya Malakar singing some Stevie Wonder.

And those two kids - Kenneth Briggs & Jonathan Jayne - I need to look them up when I go to Seattle in the spring... they seem very likable and I suspect they are hard core funny jokesters - I could hang with them!

Meanwhile - keep it real! "Soul Patrol! Wooo!!!"

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