Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cash or Credit?

Ever notice at some mom and pop restaurants that serve ethnic food that upon checkout, they never ring up a cash sale? The cash register drawer is open and change is dispensed.

Looks suspicious to me from a accounting and sales tax collection standpoint - I see this happen everytime especially at restaurants that have a busy buffet lunch business.

None of my bizness - just wonderin'...

On another note, I took a friend to eat some Indian food. He shared about taking a short term missions trip with his church.

He called back about a week later to report how hurtin' he was after digesting the curry chicken, rice and pita bread.

Dude, you need to cross India off your list. 'Num saying?


Mr. Patel said...

That is exactly what is happening. It is called Sales Tax Evasion. Have you not noticed the same thing happens at 90% of the convencience stores across this Great Nation also. They not only do not ring up the sale but they are making up prices as they go.

Kathy T. said...

Indian food is my absolute favorite!! Chicken tikka masala and naan. BTW, I got your link to the "One is the loneliest number" thing - it was hilarious! Thanks, Kerry!