Friday, December 15, 2006

THUNDER in your home

I received some emails about the status of Thunder, the dog I met at the Nashville Humane Association. Thunder is still waiting for a good home with a big yard...

Earlier this week I wrote:
Thunder is a collie/shepherd/lab mix, neutered male, 5 to 6 years old, weights about 66 lbs and he tells me (I'm kinda like Dr. Doolittle) that he's been around other dogs and older kids - he would like a place that has a lot of running room. Thunder would be so GRATEFUL if someone would take him home today. A super gentle dog that I think would make an excellent side kick buddy.

Give them a call at 615 352-1010 or stop by and see them at 213 Oceola in West Nashville 37209

The adoption fee is $85.00 for dogs and $75.00 for cats.

We'd like to take in Thunder, but we already have Ally and Diggy. Spread the word if you know anyone that is willing to bring some unconditional love into their homes this holiday season.

Many thanks!

BTW, Shauna wrote this nice comment:

I have a lot of love for the Nashville Humane Association. Alex Pudl ran out the front door one Saturday morning and never looked back. My husband walked and drove around searching for him, but didn't have any luck. A few hours later I called them to report him missing, and he was there! I don't know who dropped him off there, but I'm eternally grateful and try to give something to the shelter whenever I get the chance.

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