Friday, December 08, 2006

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt - Red

Photo Hunt 35: Red

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Up and down Charlotte Pike in West Nashville, there are pawn shops aplenty. I see the signs advertising DVD players for $9.00 and TV's starting at $20.00. I'm not one to frequent pawn shops as I'm somewhat distrustful of two things: buying hot stolen item (stereotypical, I know) and buying someone's tools of the trade who happens to be done on his luck. Surely that can't happen right? A carpenter trading in his skill saw in order to keep a roof over his head and feed his family.

But today on the way home, I was prompted to go in to visit this pawn shop. Subconciously, I was photo / scavenger hunting an item in red. I'd missed posting last week's photo hunt - Lights - as I just couldn't make time to visit a neon blazened movie theatre. My instincts were dead on:

Red indeed. With matching leopard print pattern.

Someone's trying to pawn off their taste in casual furniture... $119.00 each. Ask for Lynette if anyone is interested said the nice girl at the counter.


I joined the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt hosted by TN Chick. You too can play: Join the Photo Hunt There's a different theme every Saturday, and it's a lot of fun visiting the community of participants.


Anonymous said...

Them's some big shoes to fill. :)

Breigh said...

omg ok they are totally bizarre. haha

Mine is up :)

Viamarie said...

What a unique seat! A very good choice for the theme.

Happy weekend!

Wystful1 said...

They actually remind me of gigantic high heeled ladies shoes!!
(And I love the bird houses you've shared with us....interesting neighbors yard indeed.)

Happy weekend.
Drop by and see if you can guess what my photo is.

GoofyJ said...

lol! that is too creazy. :) My photo is up

LibertyBelle said...

What cool chairs!
Great photo too!
Mine's up too
Happy Saturday!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Woot! That's some cool and red! Very creative done chairs. But I think I would have wanted one without high heels . which means that I could lay down... *lol*