Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Home on the Range

I marvel at the architecture and design of stadiums and at times the taxpayers' willingness to fund these monuments to the world's most popular sport - National Football League's American football. Arlington, Texas taxpayers will fund 1/3 of the 1 billion dollar cost (capped at 325 million).

When the Dallas Cowboys move from Texas Stadium, they'll leave behind 35 years of history, but the signature hole in the roof will go with them.

Their new stadium, scheduled to open in 2009, will include two quarter-mile-long steel arches and a retractable roof that mimics the famed feature. As the Cowboys faithful would say, God would still be able to look down on America's Team and watch the games on Sunday afternoon - even in Arlington.

Read the rest of the story from The Dallas News.

Courtesy of Blogging The Boys, THE blog about the Dallas Cowboys, here's a PDF of the specifics.

You have GOT TO SEE the 6o yard scoreboard. So much for the Titans new 2.2 million dollar scoreboard.

Stadiums with revenue from luxury suites in the NFL is like hitting a oil well for the owners.


Mrs Lifecruiser said...
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Anonymous said...

It may be nice and all but the forces of evil will still play there so I must despise it...