Friday, December 01, 2006

Nashville Is Talking Christmas MeetUp is Official!

Come one, come all to the exclusive Nashville Blogger Festivus, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Solstice, Holiday Get-together.

When: Saturday, December 9, 4:30 - 7:30.

Where: Mothership BBQ (map)

Who's invited: This party is very exclusive. Bloggers, Blog Commenters, Blog Lurkers, Significant Others of the aforementioned, Co-workers, friends and neighbors of said significant others, and anyone who happens to be driving through Berry Hill are all welcome.

There will be a Mothership sampler buffet. Five dollars or 55.04 Mexican Peso(s) is the suggested donation for partaking in said buffet.

Drop your comments over at the Mothership link so that Dr. Funkenswine knows how many wild pigs to hunt down over the weekend. (AND there's more details).

Somehow I got volunteered as Ringmaster of the 2006 Christmas Blogger Meetup...

So let's do this:

Let's remember our furry four legged friends this holiday season by bringing a bag of dog/puppy food or cat/kitten food as a gift to the Nashville Humane Society.


Let's give the good Dr. Funkenswine a small gift of appreciation by bringing (if you want) a discarded LP from the seventies that didn't sell in your yard sale - Now there's NO guarantee that your Grand Funk Railroad, Judas Priest or Ken album will go on the wall, but perhaps it will provide some good ice breaker conversation.

Last, we've been kicking around the idea of having the ten newest bloggers sing at the Nashville Blogger Festivus, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Solstice, Holiday Get-together. We are inclusive of all musical styles and talent levels as well. This could be the lucky break you are looking for by having all the Nashville bloggers present to talk about you!

Don't be shy!

So whether you're an old timer, running for office next go round, want to meet some geeks and smart girls from across the river, collect on some outstanding bets, or just like bantering about politics just to get a reaction, then come one, come all - It will be a fun time and ten times better than the holiday office party.

Important BYOB Disclaimer: Man Law applies:

If you bring beer to a party and not all of it is consumed, can you take the remainder with you as you leave the party?

Tuck Rule: One beer max, but only if the beer will fit in your pocket.


newscoma said...

I'm going to try to make it.
Fun pics.

ceeelcee said...

Has anyone asked Brittney to send to her evite list?