Monday, December 11, 2006

Blogger Weekend Wrapup

After a wonderous holiday weekend, it's back to the internet salt mines.

I'll have to throw down some cough syrup, change out of my pajamas and head over to the Nashville Humane Society to drop out the bags of dog food and cat food collected at the exclusive Nashville Blogger Festivus, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Solstice, Holiday Get-together.

Thanks to the generosity of the Nashville bloggers, exactly 100 pounds 3 ounces of food was collected! That is exactly how much pork I've eaten at the Mothership this year - My Name is Earl Karma indeed. The dog food outnumbered the cat food two to one, so that tells me the next blogger meetup has to be at Centennial Park where the dogs can run free and the cats will have trees to climb.

Thanks to Jag for jumpstarting the idea of getting together, Britney for being there for all of us and the Evite list, all the new friends made via the Nashville Is Talking aggregator, and for Jim to host this event at the Mothership BBQ. Seems appropriate that we have a home away from home to eat lunch and celebrate our online presence face to face. Who knows, this could be a annual event - a Swine Feast with webloggers, spouses, friends and children. With mayoral candidate David Briley in attendance, he should if elected, bring back the old Sheriff Fate Thomas BBQ bashes at the Mothership.... we need more FUN raisers.

With this sore throat and my Dallas Cowboys buttkicking by the Saints, I may need some Zen Puppy pills in my system.

Meanwhile enjoy the Flickr Set of the event.

Such fun and BTW, a special thanks for welcoming Mrs. WonderDawg - She's a bit shy - but I think she would make a great blogger with her insights on life - "If I Was Queen For A Day" would be the name. She has strong opinions about SUVs; that no one should be allowed to commute into Davidson County during rush hour from other counties unless there were toll booths installed and many, many other choice topics.

Thanks again everybody!


sista smiff said...

I got to visit with Becky a little bit and I have to say, Mista Woo, you married well. She's a neat person. Obviously, gorgeous on the outside, but, what a sweet spirit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sista, we think the same of you too - I did marry exceedingly well.