Sunday, November 26, 2006

Vince Young - UDAMAN !

The Tennessee Titans never say die - with 24 points in the fourth quarter to defeat the New York Giants, the Titans have found their identity as a team that just won't quit. Catching heat all year for the team's performance, Coach Jeff Fisher has stayed the course coaching his team to overcome setbacks, blowouts and heartbreaking losses. Today was QB Vince Young's finest moment in his NFL 8 game career and even PacMan Jones can deliver the goods if he stays focused on football.

I think this game is right up there with the Titans Music City Miracle. It wasn't the playoffs, but the Titans can play the role of spoiler affecting other team's playoff hopes. I know that Dallas Cowboys fans are happy with the Titans delivering the biggest fourth-quarter comeback in franchise history. With the Titans' win over the Giants, the Cowboys has sole possession of first place over the Giants in the NFC East Division setting up next week's important game between the Cowboys and Giants.

Last, the New York media will be all over the Giants with attention drawn to the Titans.

How's this for starters -"...the Giants. They are the Collapse Champions, the Cardiac Arresters, the We Can Lose Any Game We Want G-Men, the Big Blew It.

Up 21-0 early in the fourth quarter and then down 24-21 at the end of the fourth quarter is a script even the Jets wouldn't greenlight. But these are the Giants, with a defense that can blow any sized lead in any amount of time if they set their minds to it.

And if there's a quarterback in the NFL right now who you think could pull off the comeback, well, after the 2006 Rose Bowl, you have to at least consider putting Vince Young on that list."

Hey Vince, gimme another autograph!

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Michael said...

You know, when I got my tickets to this game at the start of the year, I wondered-well, will this game be any good. And for three quarters it was just terrible....

But those final ten minutes...legendary.