Monday, November 13, 2006

There's a contest going on...

If you like celebrity watching, and have a love for gadgets, then I have a contest for you!

There's a contest goin' on right here
A contest to last throughout November 25
So bring your good eyes, and your geekiness too
We gonna help you win this contest with you

Lets' say that you are waiting to spot Nicole Kidman strolling out of Target in West Nashville...

Forget that! She's not even in town... And besides, all of the Nashville bloggers have already been unmasked...

All you need is your laptop, and access to a wifi hotspot to access Judie Hughes's Gear Diary

Judie is hosting another Celebrity's & Their Devices Guessing Game. The winner wins an Ultimate Ears 5 Pro earphones (worth $250!!)

Example: Ashlee Simpson takes her _____ for a walk.

I've already left plenty of clues in the comments section, but I rather leave the winning to someone else...

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