Friday, November 17, 2006

Playstation 3 - the big defrost is on!

8:00 am: This morning at Target at White Bridge Road, it was all smiles at the electronics counter. After waiting outside in the cold and wet elements since 4:30 PM Wednesday, (39 1/2 hours) the eleven (make that twelve) happy campers were rewarded for their perserverance with their cash and credit card transactions for the much anticipated Sony Playstation 3.

Here are some of the happy campers:

The first guy in line: Jonathan!


One interesting sidenote: at 5:00 am, a person (let's call him Mr. UT) purchased the eleventh spot in line for $1,100.00 in cash. As all the transactions were being processed, the very last Playstation 3 was left.

Mr. UT's credit card was declined. Again. And again.

High anxiety sets in as attempts to reach Mr. UT's lifeline proved frustrating with a bad cell phone signal. A plea was put out for any takers for a ten minute credit card float until the cash showed up. No takers, although the lure of compassionate capitalism did tempt me to ponder the possibilities of helping this guy, but I wasn't feeling the loan shark urge and certainly didn't want to tell Mrs. WonderDawg how I came to acquire a $600 Playstation 3 from a guy who was already out $1,100 in CASH. Finally help was soon to be on the way.

Long story short, a super nice girl who had already purchased one stepped up to buy the Playstation 3. If the cash didn't show up, they were walking. As good fortune would have it, Mr. UT's debit card worked. And her credit card was issued a refund. Mr. UT's purchase no doubt will be a eBay item - $1,700.00 just to break even.

I'm glad that I could see the 2006 Playstation 3 Great Camp Out Adventure unfold before my eyes. Last, I must commend the Target at White Bridge Road for being a class retailer for accomodating these incredible and well behaved college students with security, hot chocolate and a great shopping experience after a 39 1/2 hour wait.

So what are some of the plans? Much needed sleep, hot showers, dash to school to turn in assignments, long drive home (3 hours), eBay postings and even a couple of firing the Playstation 3 up for some serious game play this weekend.

Hats off to Randy for representing Target well - the campers were singing his praises this morning!

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Jackson said...

So, did you get one? Or did you just go down to cover the festivities?

Kerry Woo said...

Citizen journalism - I'm more of a smartphone and iMac kinda guy - definately afraid to cross the line into gaming! Time, money, need an HDTV, big room addition to the house, leather couch....

Jackson said...

My wife bought me an HDTV big screen for christmas a couple of years ago. Of course, that meant she bought it on payments. After I paid it off I realized I hated having such a big TV be the focus of attention in the house so I sold it.

I must admit, I am looking forward to my kids getting old enough to play games so that I can have an excuse.