Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm Just Saying You'll Go Blind!

Our local newspaper here in Nashville - The Tennessean - has an article today about jet trails in the sky but some disagree thinking that the GOVERNMENT is spraying chemicals. "When the air is moist and it's colder, the trails can spread in a chain reaction as water vapor turns into ice particles. Feathery clouds result."

Check out one of the comments posted:

The Government is spraying Barium and Aluminum particles into the air in unmarked planes in a criss cross pattern. They cover every major metropolitan area in a grid like pattern usually on beautiful breezy crystal clear days. Within several hours after they have blanketed an area a wihite cloud cover will overtake the entire region. THIS IS FACTUAL AND NOT SOME LAME CONSPIRACY THEORY. What they are spraying is NOT harmless and in fact very bad for your health and that of your children. This is one of the BIG reasons that Asthma rates have skyrocketed amongst young children in America. This is happening in other G8 countries not just America. The most intelligent answer that I could get as to WHY the US Govt is doing this is an attempt to combat Global Warming. The idea behind it is to reflect the Suns rays back into space. The less sunlight that reaches the Earth the less daytime heating that will occur. Though I am of the belief that this retains heat in the nighttime though no one has ever verified this to me in the scientific community.

If the above is true, than the GOVERNMENT is targeting Bellevue... particularly the Mall at Bellevue (nobody shops there anymore) and I'm in a heap of troubles when in my latter years I could very well point back to all those times whenever I see vapor trails that I run inside the house, grab my camera and photograph them. WHEW... I must catch my breath.

I like to propose that there is a GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY to prevent regular folks from growing tomatoes and corn. I just may have to stop by Al Gore's house in the next neighborhood over and see what he has to say. Better yet, I'll wait until April 1, 2007 to see if Al Gore casts a shadow when he steps out of his house to fetch his morning newspaper. If I see a shadow, then I'll know that we'll be in for another year of Global Warming. And more trails in the sky.


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