Thursday, November 23, 2006

Five My-Kind-of-Web-Sites That I'm Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, I'm paying online homage to those wonderful souls that have either the time, technical skills, demented sense of humor, an artful way of looking at life and/or advertising dollars to make the internet a better place to surf for guys like me.

Five My-Kind-of-Web-Sites That I'm Thankful For:

(1) men who look like kenny

(2) Men of the Square Table: Man Laws

(3) Comics On The Web (especially Herman)

(4) Sacred Sandwich

(5) Photo Essays by Herman Krieger



jag said...

Thanks a ton, Kerry! I've been spending my morning watching all the Man Law commercials instead of making my casserole.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Love the Sacred Sandwich link! The ads will make great blog fodder on slow days.

Herman Krieger said...

Thank you Kerry! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos.