Monday, November 06, 2006

Do the Budweiser Wave

Last night during the Colts/Patriots game, this Budweiser commercial aired. I turned to Mrs. WonderDawg and yelped, "THAT"S AWESOME!" Apparently it's been out for awhile, but hey, I must have had my head in the fridge at that time.

Thanks to Google, I'm able to find out How Did They Do That???

"The Budweiser Wave TV ad was made using only 300 actors, just like the Carlton Draught Big Ad. Massive Software's artificual intelligence-based 3D animation systems were used to make up to 97,000 actors. By modifying Massive's Ready-to-Run Stadium Agent, Method Studios placed a digital character underneath each card that would behave with all the randomness and realism of a real individual in a stadium scenario. Method Studios were able to add believable characters, such as spectators and football players on the stadium field, at the last minute without practical elements or new shoots."

The rest of the story at Duncan's TV Ad Land

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Sam Davidson said...

I saw this ad as well. I was also impressed. Cool to learn how they made it happen.