Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bloggers Without Borders: Dresden

Our Bloggers Without Borders: Providing Humanitarian Aid road trip took the three of us - CeeElCee, Sista and myself to the land of Dresden, TN.

It was my first time to Dresden: Founded on the site of a Slavonic fishing village as a merchants' settlement and the seat of the local rulers, Dresden was from the 15th century onwards residence of the Saxon dukes, electoral princes and later kings.

wait... wrong Dresden...

According to the right Dresden TENNESSEE website "Dresden, the county seat of Weakley County, is located in the northwest comer ofthe State. Dresden is 121 miles northeast of Memphis, 65 miles east of the Mississippi River and 130 miles west of Nashville. It is located about midway between Chicago and New Orleans." Windy to the north and muggy to the south, but party time either way. Probably why the locals call the University of Tennessee at Martin a suitcase college.

As we made the right turn onto the path that would land us at Newscoma's front door, Sista (Sharon) Smiff had a childhood flashback:

Once we got the Tahoe back on the road, we pulled up and were warmly greeted by Newscoma, Rodent Queen, Sista Homer and her husband Squeegee Monkey and a nice lady with a real name - Tammy Lynette. I'm a dog lover so I was thrill to meet Jura, Mabel, Kirby and Duff.

They were so gracious and welcoming! Especially Mabel.

We heard the story about the 60 foot giant tree, which I personally think would make an awesome totem pole:

Being the risk takers we are, we marveled at the 60 lb. tree branches falling near our feet.

We went inside and I guess in Dresden, the custom after a big election is to break out some West Tennessee BBQ. Dresden is the hotbed of Tennessee politics; did you know that this city is the home of Tennessee's 46th Governor, Ned Ray McWherter (D), 1987 - 1995. He invented TennCare and has a beer distributor as well.

The West Tennessee BBQ was pretty good as the hogs are local; but we imported some cole slaw, green beans and pinto beans from the Mothership BBQ and the rave of the day: Sista's Pumpkin Gooey Cake. If we had a pickup truck, we could have gone down to Ned Ray's and pick up some Volunteer Beer.

The conversation was great with engaging personalities in the brief 2 hours or so that we spent together. I talked before about how blogging lends itself to creative and healthy outlets of expression. Writing, photography, music, interests, tastes, dogs, cats, kids... and even political viewpoints... the big surprise that catch many of us off guard is the byproduct of experencing authentic "community" defined as sharing, participation, and fellowship.

What a great day trip - Thanks to all for the wonderful Dresden hospitality and on behalf of those who know ya'll back in Nashville and the three of us, we deeply appreciate carving out the time to welcome us into your home, your beautiful city and your kind thoughts.

Bloggers Without Borders: We'll have to head east to Knoxville!

Here's a Flickr link Bloggers Without Borders for additional photos.


newscoma said...

Your visit's goal of sharing humanitarian aid to rural bloggers was deemed a success.
And the pictures are great.
Mabel says Hey.

Kate O' said...

I LOVE that last pic, with the licky doggie. Makes me wish I'd been there!