Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Post Labor Day thought...

Speaking of Labor Day, we all have known those slugs in our office like Wally in the Dilbert strip who does absolutely nothing! (Maybe you're one reading this at work rather that working on that assignment). If so, this applies to you.

So when I saw this quote "Applied Sloth" excerpted from the book Moving Heavy Things, then maybe there is something redemptive about lazy people.

As stated in the stagehand's axiom: "Never lift what you can drag, never drag what you can roll, never roll what you can leave."

Creativity germinates in indolence, and the cleverest people are often the laziest: they are always looking for an easier way. The easiest way is often the simplest, most direct, and the best way.

I was browsing the website - Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools and saw this posting:

Sooner or later, most people need to move something too heavy to lift or too awkward to handle. This little book presents the basic physics, tactics, and best moves. Lift that piano without fear of hernia. Get your truck out of the ditch without calling for help. Stand that 500 lb. 55-gallon drum up on end with a flick of the wrist. Here are the tools, knots, and safety precautions you'll need. The formulas and tables for calculating the capacities of ropes, chains and cables are here, too, all described in the proper lingo (e.g. "swigging" and "parbuckling " - very useful moves) and illustrated with the author's classy drawings. Long out of print, and really missed, this classic book is now available again.

-- J. Baldwin

At last, I have the solution to moving those big rocks in my yard!

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