Friday, September 08, 2006

Heading to Los Angeles!

I'm taking my first trip to Los Angeles over the weekend "representing" for our business, checking out CTIA, a show that focuses on integrating wireless data technologies into the enterprise and vertical business markets such as healthcare, government, automotive, retail etc., while making some deals and talking good English with software developers, carriers and handset manufacturers.

I'm very jazzed about seeing what the hoopla is about the traffic and LAX. Nonetheless, I'm planning on taking 2,000 photos and visiting Hollywood while staying in Santa Monica.

I got my playlist of songs about Los Angeles loaded and ready to go in the rent-a-car.

One of my favorites songs is "Come A Long Way" by Michelle Shocked as she offers up her itinerary:

Kicked in his door at 5 AM
"I've come for my bike" I told the repo man
My 920's gonna take me far today
You can travel for miles and never leave L.A.

I drive by the Plaza where the gay boys pose
Stand in their windows wearing no clothes
I heard the screams of the dying dark
Through the sweet green icing of MacArthur Park
And then I crossed the river into East L.A.
Pescado mojado me encontre
And I've given up on rock 'n roll
And I'm saving up for norteno
The river she runs by the railroad tracks
I swear I'll never take it back
A train, she cries on the midnight hour
All along the Watts Tower

As for me, All I Wanna Do is Have Some Fun, do a little California Dreamin', stay away from the LA Woman and the Ladies of the Canyon, check out Love Street and MacArthur Park, and maybe watch the Cars Hiss By My Window on Moonlight Drive without Free Fallin'...

Any recommendations?

I was strongly advised NOT to Take a Walk on the Wild Side...

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