Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The WonderDawg 10 Point Moving Theology

We're been helping some friends move. Before I have a lapse of sound judgement and commit, I do a quick once over to get a gauge of how efficent or stress related the move will be.

As a PSA, do yourself and your friends a big favor:

(1) Hire a local moving company like Two Men and A Truck.
For $97.00 an hour, they can load the heavy stuff like sofas and furniture.

(2) Pack everything up!
There is nothing worse than having people show up and you're still packing during the move.

(3) Don't bother your friends that have pickup trucks.
They didn't purchase that new van, Honda Element or truck expressly to move your stuff. Please rent a UHaul truck - $29.95 goes a long way for a local move. Nobody likes making two hundred and twenty trips in your Ford Pinto.

(4) Utilize Craigslist to the max!
Craigslist is the best resource to giveaway, sell or recycle your stuff. Before you throw it in the dumpster, somebody else may have a real need for the decent stuff like chairs, TVs, furniture, etc. Don't do a yard sale! Sell it on Craigslist or give it away. Worse case, leave the good stuff outside the dumpster to bless somebody with.

(5) Pack everything! And pack in same size boxes.
Using boxes (with tops please) of the same size means that a handtruck will come into good use. Craigslist is the best resource to pick up FREE moving boxes. When done, list them on Craigslist and spread the environmental love around.

(6) Return everything you've ever borrow.
Books, CDs, videos - your friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

(7) Provide water and pizza.
Water along the way is always good and pizza (beer optional) at the end of the move is appreciated. What's even better is that the movER picks up the tab for the movEES.

(8) It aint' about you.
Well yes and no... keep in mind, some people have real jobs and can't/won't take a vacation day to help you out. And since Saturdays are valuable, pull your stuff together and make it an efficent two hour move.

(9) Shamelessly recruit!
This is where political capital comes into play. A nicer way to say it is "reciprocal love". "The love you get is equal to the love you give" - (Lennon/McCartney). Belong to a Baptist church. Their DNA is to serve and love thy neighbor. I've learn that if you want anything done - hurricane or disaster relief, feeding the homeless, 700 volunteers for Promise Keepers conferences and (gasp!) household moves, engage your Baptist brothers and sisters. Some of my best friends are Baptists and I love them dearly. Plus they understand the Biblical concept of grace and forgiveness.

(10) NEVER help anybody move that has an addiction to eBay.
They need to see Dr. Phil first. witness the eBay mom

I'll stop here before this post turns into a rant and I start naming names (a little grace please). We've moved into our 1800 sq.foot ranch house years ago with six helpers, standard size UHaul boxes, a rental truck inside of two hours.

Last year when I was commuting, my three bedroom apartment was emptied in four hours. Even my friend Teddy said, "Woo - you're gonna have to get your own place before Becky lets you move back in!". I'd used the same moving boxes that Atlas Van Lines used. (The stuff I took to North Carolina filled half of the moving van). I gave away a lot of stuff to my neighbors who were college students. When I came back to Nashville, I had presold all the stuff via Craigslist, like a waterbed, TV, lamps, microwave, guest room furniture and sofa.

It can be done.

So don't be offended when you ask the WonderDawg to help you move and everything is in disarray the night before. I love you, but tough love is in order. Besides, I can't lift anything heavier than a pencil.

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ceeelcee said...

The eBay mom site is pure genius!

Thanks for the freaky chuckle.

Kathy T. said...

Do you know how many times I've been asked to help people move in the last several years? I can't even count them. And I always say no. Sorry guys! I only help those who helped me. No one except Two Men and a Truck. (But I have volunteered to babysit kids to keep 'em out of the way.)

Kathy T. said...

And dang. Reading the eBay Mom site was like the gubernatorial candidate talking about pedophile island... I just couldn't look away. Shock. And. Awe.

removals said...

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