Thursday, August 31, 2006

Robot Journalists?

Robot Journalists? Yes in USA, press stories are now produced automatically.

Tomi Ahonen writing in one of my favorite tech blogs Communities Dominate Brands reveals a fascinating little tidbit:

... a story entitled "Need for speed sees computers writing the news". The Financial Times discusses Thomson Financial of the USA, and since March the financial analysis company has been releasing news stories written completely by computer, based on the quarterly reports press releases from the various American corporations.


Of course, we bloggers have been wise to this method for a long time.

As anyone who has ever had one can tell you, the experience of running a popular blog/online journal is a double-edged sword.

While it may be gratifying to know your words are viewed by hundreds or even thousands of readers per day, the challenge of developing fresh content on a regular basis remains a constant struggle for even the most creative of souls.

In the cut throat world of online writing, every blogger is only as good as his last update.

You have a life. AutoBlogger helps you live it.

What is AutoBlogger?

AutoBlogger is a powerful content-authoring software tool designed for online columnists and bloggers. Upon installation, AutoBlogger uses a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithm to 'read' the public entries of your journal/blog to triangulate a sense of your writing style. From that point forward, any time you hit a writer's block, want to take a vacation, or simply wish to step away from your computer for a few days, AutoBlogger can be set to take over, using what it has learned about your posting and writing patterns to author original content in a voice consistent with your existing prose.

AutoBlogger frees the busy blogger to a life outside computers, by giving your readers the impression you are constantly online.

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