Saturday, August 05, 2006

iDVD rocks!

I am absolutely thrilled with iDVD which comes standard with iMacs.

"iDVD has always made it easy to create beautifully designed DVDs. Now it's beyond easy. With the Magic iDVD feature, all you have to do is choose a theme and select the movies and photos you want to include. iDVD then automatically creates a complete DVD, unified in design from start to finish, including menu screens, movies, chapter menus and slideshows."

Returning from Promise Keepers in Atlanta, I compiled my collection of nine hundred photos into three DVD categories:

(1) Where Did You Come From? A highlight reel of the 120 faces than went as a BigDawgs4Christ group to the soundtrack of RedNex's Cotton Eyed Joe. The dance version has a driving beat that syncs nicely with the rapidly moving scene dissolves.

(2) Run With The BigDawgs - which is a highlight reel of the forty of us setting up the box lunches to feed the nine thousand conferees (in 20 minutes!)

(3) Unleased - a thematic recap of the conference with nice crowd shots and close ups of the speakers in Philips Arena from the luxury suites and floor.

iDVD is an incredible easy and yet powerful software to work with. The challenge is tossing out all the blurred photos, editing the photos with exposure, brightness, temperature, tint, etc. and later compiling them into a thematic batch. Afterwards, choosing the soundtrack that best represents the photos presents another challenge - having enough photos to match the music or choosing a shorter song means scrolling through the iTunes collection to find that perfect song.

I like mixing the photos to coincide with a lyric, or drum beat or a transistion in the song. Once done, I simply burn the DVD and keep popping in more DVDs for the quantity desired. It takes about five minutes to burn the opening themes and thre clips approximating twelve minutes and 388 photos.

Next Tuesday, I get to show off the handiwork with our guys and relieve the memories. Technology - gotta love it!

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