Wednesday, July 19, 2006

You're So Nashville...

Every year, the Nashville Scene alternative newspaper invites its readers to submit their tagline to "You're So Nashville..."

Some of my favorite choice entries are:

You think blogging is a job. -- Sam Davidson

You don't have any friends, but 1,000 people read your blog daily. -- Chris Chamberlain

Al Gore is your friend on MySpace. -- John Danley

Your (unsuccessful) suicide note was the best song you've written in years. -- Mike Williams

See all the entries here plus previous winners from years back.

Some classic winners:

1989 You think our Parthenon is better because the other one fell apart. -- Susan Fenton

1991 You say to the person behind the counter at the Hot Stop, "We really kicked y'all's ass in that Desert Storm." -- Willie D. Sweet Jr.

The illustrations by Joe Gast are very nice.

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