Monday, July 10, 2006

Nashville Is Talking bloggers identities revealed

Nashville Is Talking Name That Blogger Contest WINNERS!

Congrats to our three contest winners for shirking their domestic responsibilities and unmasking the beautiful people of Nashville's blogosphere.

Annnnd the winners are:

Kat Coble of Another Pretty Farce who wins THE BLOG poster and lunch for two at the Mothership BBQ.

Jamie of I'm About To Be Brilliant who wins the software prize pack and some schwag.

Kate O' of Holy High Mass of Contradictions who gave it the old college try, but still is a winner for playing along and having an engaging personality. She wins the software prize pack and some schwag as well.

Thanks for playing along!

(Kat) Amanda, no blog but she is the girlfriend of Chris at My Quiet Life; Jamie (JAG) of I'm About To Be Brilliant; Amanda's non-blogging friend Scott.

(Kat) Mark Reed (Huck) of What The F..Huck! and Sheila of My Threaded Bliss

(Kat) Bob Krumm of Bob Krumm Dot Com and his lovely wife Cookie. No joke. Cookie Krumm.

(Jamie) ... Amanda again, Kate of Holy High Mass of Contradictions & Metroblog Nashville, Scott again, and Chris Wage, with Short & Fat's back and me and JD of Gypsy Cab Co in the background, along with Kleinheider of Volunteer Voters.

(Kat) Todd Dunn, a WKRN VeeJay. He blogs at News2VJ.

(Kat) ARGGH. I don't like photos of me. But that would be Kat Coble of Just Another Pretty Farce (And for bonus points...those are Joey Hood's glasses. Joey used to blog at TV on the Fritz.)

(Kat) Elizabeth, wife of Gunner and blogger at Harelip Frog

(Kat) Mike Tarolly of News 2. (He's their promo guy.)

(Kat) The darling Shauna Reynolds of *O pish posh!*

(Kat) My darling Michelle aka Dailydiablogger and ThisissmyrnaTN and The Comment Tater.

(Kat) Michael Ashby of The nice cycling enthusiast who gave my poor husband (Tim) someone to talk to.

(Jamie) I didn't meet the guy in the photo, but that's (from left) Sista Smiff of a Whiff of Smiff, Short and Fat, and Busy Mom behind him.

(Kat) Gunner of No Quarters and Kathy T. of Where's The Mute Button?

(Jamie) Can you tell I'm trying to put off cleaning and going through pics instead?

(Jamie) I should lay low and let some other people play, especially since I only know two here.

(Kat) Jackson Miller of and Metroblog Nashville

(Kat) Terry Heaton of the Pomo blog at Donata dot com

(Kat) Mark Lee of the Christian band Third Day, Chris Wage the Athiest of My Quiet Life, and Randy from News 2. (I'm pretty sure he's from News 2....)

(Kate O') Mark Lee of This Guy Falls Down, Chris Wage of My Quiet Life, and Randy Elrod of Ethos

(Kat) The lovely Anna from Cows & Graveyards and the new blog "What Would Coco Do?"

(Kate O') Christina/Coco formerly of Fits and Giggles, now of What Would Coco Do?

To see the original size pictures (suitable for autographs) visit the WonderDawg Flickr set and see more! by using the Flickr tag nashvillebloggers


jag said...

We are three awesome chicks!

Thanks for the fun game!

newscoma said...

They are adorable.
I saw you with your wiley camera. Hid behind Rex L.